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Lure Coursing - Lure coursing is the sight hound hunting instinct test. Since the "bunny" that the dogs' chase is a plastic bag, some dogs don't like being fooled (Floyd). Other dogs use the time running on the field to socialize with their companions in the pack (Lani). Both of these behaviors are not suitable for coursing competition. T and Tiyeni were introduced to the game when they were young and they love it. They know the bunny is not real and love other dogs, but this chasing game is what they enjoy most.

All dogs are / were owner handled.

Tiyeni earned her JC at the 2004 Ridgeback Specialty in Texas. She went Best in Field (BIF) in May, 2005, and June, 2006, and earned her ASFA FCh in June, 2005.

T was a "Coursing Fool". He earned his ASFA FCh at 3 years in August, 1997. His AKC career was quite slow due to a lack of trials in our area. He finished his JC at 2 years old in May, 1996, and his SC at 3 years old in October, 1997. He earned FCH when he was 4 years old in October, 1998. Due to limited trials in the area, T didn't earn his LCM (Lure Courser of Merit) until May, 2005, at 11 years old.

T's littermate, Chief, had points in ASFA and also had his JC and SC.

Tentha earned her JC just after her first birthday in June, 2000.




T "Heading for the Exit!" - photo by Kreyhound Photography.

T - photo by Kreyhound Photography.


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